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Who: Everyone, come one come all
When: Day 12, earrrrrly morning
Where: Out by the ugly sea
What: Piratey Sinking Ship Labyrinth

[this time a horn sounds—that's right, a horn is supposed to draw your attention to labyrinths, isn't it? following the source takes you to the edge of the sea. there's nothing unusual here.

suddenly, something yanks you under.]

((WARNING: this labyrinth is going to be gross and traumatizing. i mean, your mileage may vary since every character's a bit different, but still. there's potential for torture, drowning, some psychological stuff, etc. characters are likely to be injured in some way, and some might even die—IT ALL DEPENDS!

ETA: Handwave Option(s) for those who either didn't finish, or didn't participate!))
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Who: Yuri Lowell and You
When: Day 11, Morning
Where: Anywhere, but the Pier sounds good!

[ There's a man with a half-opened shirt (sexy) and a large one-eyed dog with a pipe in his mouth. Definitely not your usual locals. ]

Looks like we're going to be here for a while, Repede.

[ The dog woofs in agreement. ]

Guess it's time to look around and not get into trouble.
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Who: Everyone
When: Day 6
Where: Everywhere
What: A mingle in which you hear a weird sound, but otherwise nothing new

[you can hear a whistling in the distance... sometimes it's almost a howl. however, if you attempt to investigate this, you would just find yourself outside of the town with no clear leads on the source. with no distinct source or direction, it's almost if it's simply the wind playing pranks on you, isn't it.

except, there is no wind. today is just as hot as it usually is in Port Perplex. if you're unlucky, you might still find one of those memory-revealing puddles lingering in an alleyway, but otherwise you're probably enjoying a day off or stuck doing work.

in addition, it seems that someone in particular is looking to meet you, too...]
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Who: You, you, and you!
When: Day 1, evening
Where: Outside of town, a ways over there
What: A labyrinth in the form of a social bingo!

[later that day you hear that obnoxious horn sound, the one that would be sounded when they discovered a labyrinth. you follow this sound past the town and wind up at a set of stairs leading into the the ground. by these stairs is a sign reading HEAD ON IN. though you might normally be inclined to dilly dally, you're inexplicably drawn to walk down those stairs...]

Read more... )



ETA: IF YOU PARTICIPATED AND MISSED THE TURN-IN, YOU CAN STILL COMMENT! Same applies to those who just want a participation coin!
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When: Day 1, early morning but not so early that you'd encounter monsters from last night
Where: Port Perplex
What: You have arrived to the kingdom!

[you weren't sailing that treacherous sea for long--in fact, the ride seemed surprisingly swift, if not potentially sickening. but here you are now, standing in the port of Port Perplex, unloading yourself and your belongings as the old ship sounds its obnoxious horn for the seventh time. and, well, come to think of it, you're not the ONLY one getting off the ship!

on land, you and the others are bombarded by a crowd of cheering townsfolk! they throw confetti over you, try to drape flower neklaces around your neck, and also blast horns PROBABLY RIGHT IN YOUR EAR, ow.]

"Who are these people? Oh... OH! They're here to help us!"

"Thank you! Thank you!"

"Please, have some petals. You like petals, yes?"


[...anyway, it doesn't take long for them to disperse and leave you be, assuming you aren't getting caught up in their antics. should you explore further into the town, past the harbor, you'll find that the colorful town looks like it's on the brink of a festival--banners, streamers, bunting, balloons... they're everywhere! is it because of you? one might wonder, but you'll come to find that the town will always look like this from here on out. on the contrary, the beach/cliff area surrounding this little town leaves a LOT to be desired.

the Queen said you'd get a room of your own at the inn if you got a part-time job. well, the Dolph-Inn's visible in the distance. in an act of kindness, the innkeeper will gladly allow you to keep any of your stuff in a room until you get a job! however, should you return jobless by nightfall, the innkeeper will just as gladly toss your belongings onto the street and shove a cardboard box into your arms. yikes.

so... what are you up to?]


NOTES: Just a reminder that job acquisition is ~handwaved~, ie nothing about it needs to be actually threaded, and you don't need modly approval to say if your character taking this job or that job is ok or not! It's in your hands, assuming your character takes a job!

ALSO backtagging is totally ok if you join in late, and you are certainly allowed to make posts of your own when you're ready! But just as a reminder, posts should steadily progress time in a linear fashion!))


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